Mama's Boy

Jake has always been a mama's boy.  Remember his first few months?

Tonight, I found this picture from when he was a newborn.

His favorite spot. :)

He was sick last weekend.  This position is where he wanted to be.

He's still a mama's boy.  I admit that I love watching him light up when I walk in the room.  I love that even when he's running around playing, he comes back to me every so often to "check in".

  He's getting better at letting me leave him (thank goodness).  He complains, but doesn't resort to puking.

He's my little buddy.


  1. Wow Jake is so much like Libby! They are totally related. She also likes to barf on a regular basis just to let us know that she is still upset. I'm glad we are in this together.

  2. I hadn't seen an update in a while on my google reader and I suspected maybe you went to private again. Happy Birthday to Marley... a couple of days late.

  3. Al, I hate having it private mostly because I know that I rarely check my friend's blogs that are private. But, the weirdest thing happened. I plugged in our web address one day and it was gone, deleted. I searched around and found that blogger does delete blogs if there is activity that shows that it is distributing p*rn or doing other illegal activities. I finally got them to restore my blog, but thought that maybe I was getting some weird hits and decided to just keep it private. It's mostly for me to remember and document the funny/cute things my kids do anyway.


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