Monday, May 16, 2016


Luke's transition from nursery (read: food and toys for 2 hours) to primary (sitting in a chair and listening to a lesson for an hour) has not been an easy one for him.  I was sitting in the back of sharing time with my 11 year old class on Sunday.  Luke was sitting on the front row with his class.  Pretty soon I hear him singing a Star Wars song and encouraging his classmate next to him to do the same.  That boy is obsessed with all things Star Wars.

Speaking of Star Wars, we were watching Jake's baseball game the other night.  Luke started to play with a little boy about his age.  Soon the boy asked Luke what his name was.  "I'm Luke Skywalker" was his reply.

Luke got a cut on his hand from the bleachers at the ball field and has insisted on keeping a bandaid on it for a week.  At dinner last night he told me that next time he hurts his hand that I need to take him to the doctor.  I told him that I didn't take him to the doctor because dad is a doctor and fixed it for him. He started laughing and then said, "Dad isn't a doctor.  He goes to his office and eats treats!"

Monday, December 7, 2015

Introducing Olivia Kalani Ogao

Having a planned induction can be so nice.  Jared had requested days off, my mom had purchased a plane ticket, Thanksgiving was set, the children arranged for, etc.  All of those carefully thought out plans went out the window when Olivia decided to come 2 weeks earlier than that planned for date.

Monday night a group of girl friends and I took a gift basket over to surprise another friend who had lost her father-in-law days earlier.  We got there after children were tucked into bed.  I didn't crawl into my bed that night until 2am.  The following day I had a doctor appointment.  I crawled into the lazy boy to have some fetal monitoring done and had a quick 20 minute nap before the doctor came in to say that she was sending me over for more testing at the hospital.  Olivia's monitoring showed some unexplained drops in her heart rate.  I drove over to the hospital where I had more monitoring and an ultrasound.  Jared walked in my room about the same time the doctor did.  Dr. Metz had called him to tell him what was going on.  Dr. Meinig, Jared and I talked about the options.  There was no way to know why her heart rate kept dropping, but it had consistently done so since I had gone over to the hospital.  At full term, the safest thing to do was to have the baby that day.  Jared left to rearrange his schedule for the day.  His next couple of weeks were insanely busy.  I knew that, but there was nothing we could do now.

I was not prepared.  I had no bad packed, no plan for my kiddos, I had left my house a complete disaster, etc.  I was nervous that Olivia would be very small.  Marley was 2 weeks early and weighed 5 lbs 13 oz.  Olivia was being born 3 weeks before her due date.

By now I was starving and it was about 2pm.  I made a few phone calls to friends to arrange for my kids -- sidetone:  I have never been so grateful for good friends.  I made 2 calls and didn't worry one bit about my kids.  I knew they were well taken care of and happy.  Such a blessing. I called my mom.  She found a flight.  A few weeks prior to this, I had freaked out a bit about Olivia possibly coming early.  We looked at Jared's schedule and I knew I would need help because he would not be around much at all.  When I talked to my mom, she said that if she came early she would drop everything and fly out to help and that's exactly what she ended up doing.

Before I knew it, I was being wheeled back to the operating room.  I had been terrified of this surgery.  Luke's  birth was a terrifying experience and I was scared of a repeat.  I shed a few tears before everyone came in to wheel me into the operating room and then the mood completely changed.  The anesthesiologist on call was the one I would have requested. He was confident and quick and was amazing. He didn't really give me a chance to be nervous.  He told me that Dr. Meinig and told him what had happened last time and that wouldn't happen again - he would make sure of it. He had me hug Jared as he started my spinal, he laid me back and told me in a few minutes I would start to feel nauseous and to tell him so he could give me something for it.  He brought be warm towels and was our photographer, telling Jared when to follow the baby and when to stay with me.  My OB and her husband (also an OB and both friends of ours) were both scrubbed in for the surgery.  There was a lot of laughing and joking and peaking over the curtain.  My uterus from my previous C-section was quite thin - transparent thin.  The decision to operate early was positive for that reason as well as for Olivia. Her cord had been wrapped around her shoulders like a shawl and had been compressing the cord which is why her heart rate had been dropping.  She came out at 6 lbs 11 oz (my biggest!) 18.75 inches long at 4:35 on November 10.

The good thing about staying out late with girlfriends before you have a baby is that they all knew that I was craving a pumpkin pie blizzard and I was so disappointed that Dairy Queen was closed at midnight.  I think I got 6 pumpkin pie blizzards the next day!  It was the perfect reward for having a baby.

It's now been almost a month since she was born and today was my first day on my own.  I have been completely spoiled and taken care of this time around and am very grateful.  My family was amazing, and Jared was amazing.  Every time I started to feel overwhelmed about how I was going to be a mom to 4 kids, my mom would give me a pep talk.  We have been so blessed.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Get Aways

Jared and I actually planned ahead a little bit and planned out a few get aways for us.  When we found out I was expecting, this made me even more happy that we had planned this.  I knew there would only be a few months that I would feel good and we had 2 trips planned within that time frame!

The first trip was for Jared's birthday/his 20th class reunion.  I have never had a desire to attend one of my reunions. This is probably because my family still lives where I attended high school and I keep in touch with those friends that I was close to in high school.  Jared, however, was pretty excited about finally being able to attend one of his.  It was a short and sweet trip -- but it is amazing how relaxing traveling can be sans kids!  Even hanging out in the airport between flights was nice.  We ate good food, relaxed, talked and planned.  It was a perfect amount of time to be gone.  My parents were amazing to come to watch the kids. The kids, of course, loved every minute of being spoiled by them.  Luke asked for weeks when we were going to see grandma and grandpa again.

The next trip was for my birthday.  This time we drove a short 2 hours to Bend.  It was a crazy busy week for Jared leading up to the trip, and we haven't seen him much since - ha!  I think that makes those kinds of trips more precious and more appreciated though.  Jared totally upgraded our hotel room to this big suite with a fireplace and jetted tub and kitchen.  It was quite fun and right downtown.  We made dinner & lunch reservations at all the most highly recommended spots.  We ate a lot of good food.  Saturday we did some white water rafting which was so much fun.  I hadn't done that since I was in high school and loved it.  Our afternoon plans got rained out so we did some more eating and some shopping.  Such a fun trip.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Little Things I want to Remember

I used to be much better about keeping up my blog, which is kind of my family journal as well.

Luke is at such a fun age (2).  I had forgotten how much I love 2  year olds.  Tough at times, yes but so funny.  He picks up on all of our phrases and it cracks me up when I hear one come out for the first time.  The other day he was asking me a question.  After he answered he said, "OK, that's what I thought."

Luke is also starting to join in on family conversations.  The other day Marley and Jake were talking about their favorite characters from one of their favorite cartoons and why they were their favorites.  Pretty soon I hear Luke chime in, "What about ____?" and then carried on with them from there.  I feel like he's crossing over from baby brother to sibling.

He is passionate about saying family prayers -- that HE says EVERY family prayer.  He gets this deep angry voice whenever somebody else asks to say it, "I DO IT!  I SAY PRAYER!"  As soon as he begins, his voice jumps 2 octaves into the sweetest voice.

Luke and Marley have had a special bond for a while but I have been hoping for Luke and Jake to become buddies.  Just a couple of days ago, about an hour after dropping the kids off at school Luke asked me if we could go pick up Jake.  My heart melted.  Since then, he is always asking about him and when we can get him from school.  They've started playing together so cute - nothing makes me more happy.

Marley had her piano recital on Sunday (I will post pictures soon).  Jared caught it on video for us since 4 of the 5 songs she played were duets with me.  As I watched the video when we got home, I realized how much she has improved since she started late last summer.  Learning an instrument is HARD but I know she will be so grateful someday that she learned to play.  She already has a gift of touch - her teacher has commented a few times on how she has the best legato she has seen in a beginner.  Playing duets with her is so fun.

Marley's class hatched chickens and somehow Jake and Marley talked me into bringing two home.  Jake and I went to the store to get supplies for them today and get everything set up.  He is so tender with animals and wanted to climb into he chicken run we got and hang-out.  He has also asked if they can sleep in his bed with him -- ha!

I have felt so nauseous and tired the last few weeks -- what seems like forever.  As I've slowed down and tried to only do the necessities I've been thinking how my life is going to have to slow for a while after baby is born.  As excited as I am, I've been anxious of how I'm going to measure up to adding another to the mix and being a good, patient, loving mom to all of them.  I've been treasuring my mornings alone with Luke knowing that it's usually hardest for the youngest to be boosted out of the baby spot.  I've been trying to not rush bedtime and starting early enough to read scriptures with Marley and read the million books Luke wants me to read while Jared reads with Jake.  I am really looking forward to being out of the morning sickness stage and praying that I am up to the task to be a mother of 4.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jake Turns 6

This was the first year that Jake wanted to have a birthday party.  He attended a friend's pirate party back in October and had been talking about having a pirate party ever since.  He made a list of friends he wanted to invite, picked out a cake, and anxiously anticipated the big day.

 Blowing out candles on his Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake.

Jared made this pirate flag that I think turned out pretty good and planned out the pirate obstacle course.  I think our kids are pretty lucky to have such a cool dad.

Monday, April 13, 2015


 I love Disney.  Love it.  Jared doesn't quite share my enthusiasm.  It may be because I don't want to miss a thing when we go and it ends up being a marathon of a day or days.  I made a huge effort to NOT do that this time so that it could be enjoyed by all.  It was fantastic.  

 Luke, who is obsessed with Mickey Mouse, thought Disneyland was magical.  Marley was so excited to take him around to all the things she thought he would love.

 His first time meeting a character was a bit scary.

 Tower of Terror.  I loved it.  Marley & Jake were terrified the first time but ended up riding it a few more times and loved it.  It's my grandma's favorite ride :)



 Tarzan's Treehouse.

 Grandma and Great Grandma joined us for day 2 and 3.  They decided to stay until park close the first night they were here and got a bit lost coming home :) 

 Jake riding the rapids with great Grandma.


 The last day we swam and chilled and took it easy.

And then it was time to come home.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Marley gets Baptized

Marley was baptized the end of January and it was a really special day for our family.  She invited quite a few of her friends and even though I had put the incorrect address on her invitation (oops!), she had so many friends there to support her.  My dad and Rhett spoke.  Grandma led the music and my mom and I gave the prayers.

 We had her get some pictures taken in her baptism dress.  I can't stop looking at them.

 All of her friends! There were a few not pictured because they were a few minutes late (due to trying to find a non-existant address).

 Great grandma, grandma, grandpa, and Rhett all made the trek from Utah for her special day.  We were so thankful.