Mothers Day 2017

My life isn't usually compartmentalized into work, family time, and play.  They all run together and I'm constantly trying to figure out a good balance.   A balance that is always shifting.

Some days I remind myself that efficiency in my role isn't strapping the kids in to a shopping cart and running around the store as quickly as possible so that I can shop, organize and do laundry before the older kids get home from school. (Though there are times that that is exactly what it looks like).

Some days it's allowing enough time to play in the toy aisle, spending a ridiculous amount of time shopping for a birthday card, and eating a donut in the food court.  To my kids, grocery shopping is like play.

 Often I'm quizzing my kids for their spelling test in the car on the way to one of their activities.  I'm making dinner while I'm listening to one child practice the piano and the other do their reading.  Some evenings we eat dinner and then spend an hour reading together.  Other evenings we are at the baseball field until past bedtime.  We rush home.  We eat some cold cereal.  We throw p.j.s on and rush to bed.

Being a stay at home mom is work and it is play.  It is busy and it is slow.  My days never look the same.  I get to do my job all while watching these little people that I love learn and grow into really awesome humans.

I love being a mom.


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