Summer Get Aways

Jared and I actually planned ahead a little bit and planned out a few get aways for us.  When we found out I was expecting, this made me even more happy that we had planned this.  I knew there would only be a few months that I would feel good and we had 2 trips planned within that time frame!

The first trip was for Jared's birthday/his 20th class reunion.  I have never had a desire to attend one of my reunions. This is probably because my family still lives where I attended high school and I keep in touch with those friends that I was close to in high school.  Jared, however, was pretty excited about finally being able to attend one of his.  It was a short and sweet trip -- but it is amazing how relaxing traveling can be sans kids!  Even hanging out in the airport between flights was nice.  We ate good food, relaxed, talked and planned.  It was a perfect amount of time to be gone.  My parents were amazing to come to watch the kids. The kids, of course, loved every minute of being spoiled by them.  Luke asked for weeks when we were going to see grandma and grandpa again.

The next trip was for my birthday.  This time we drove a short 2 hours to Bend.  It was a crazy busy week for Jared leading up to the trip, and we haven't seen him much since - ha!  I think that makes those kinds of trips more precious and more appreciated though.  Jared totally upgraded our hotel room to this big suite with a fireplace and jetted tub and kitchen.  It was quite fun and right downtown.  We made dinner & lunch reservations at all the most highly recommended spots.  We ate a lot of good food.  Saturday we did some white water rafting which was so much fun.  I hadn't done that since I was in high school and loved it.  Our afternoon plans got rained out so we did some more eating and some shopping.  Such a fun trip.


  1. Good for you guys, taking care of yourselves. this says 2015, why did it just show up on my feed? Wierd.


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