Luke's transition from nursery (read: food and toys for 2 hours) to primary (sitting in a chair and listening to a lesson for an hour) has not been an easy one for him.  I was sitting in the back of sharing time with my 11 year old class on Sunday.  Luke was sitting on the front row with his class.  Pretty soon I hear him singing a Star Wars song and encouraging his classmate next to him to do the same.  That boy is obsessed with all things Star Wars.

Speaking of Star Wars, we were watching Jake's baseball game the other night.  Luke started to play with a little boy about his age.  Soon the boy asked Luke what his name was.  "I'm Luke Skywalker" was his reply.

Luke got a cut on his hand from the bleachers at the ball field and has insisted on keeping a bandaid on it for a week.  At dinner last night he told me that next time he hurts his hand that I need to take him to the doctor.  I told him that I didn't take him to the doctor because dad is a doctor and fixed it for him. He started laughing and then said, "Dad isn't a doctor.  He goes to his office and eats treats!"


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