Little Things I want to Remember

I used to be much better about keeping up my blog, which is kind of my family journal as well.

Luke is at such a fun age (2).  I had forgotten how much I love 2  year olds.  Tough at times, yes but so funny.  He picks up on all of our phrases and it cracks me up when I hear one come out for the first time.  The other day he was asking me a question.  After he answered he said, "OK, that's what I thought."

Luke is also starting to join in on family conversations.  The other day Marley and Jake were talking about their favorite characters from one of their favorite cartoons and why they were their favorites.  Pretty soon I hear Luke chime in, "What about ____?" and then carried on with them from there.  I feel like he's crossing over from baby brother to sibling.

He is passionate about saying family prayers -- that HE says EVERY family prayer.  He gets this deep angry voice whenever somebody else asks to say it, "I DO IT!  I SAY PRAYER!"  As soon as he begins, his voice jumps 2 octaves into the sweetest voice.

Luke and Marley have had a special bond for a while but I have been hoping for Luke and Jake to become buddies.  Just a couple of days ago, about an hour after dropping the kids off at school Luke asked me if we could go pick up Jake.  My heart melted.  Since then, he is always asking about him and when we can get him from school.  They've started playing together so cute - nothing makes me more happy.

Marley had her piano recital on Sunday (I will post pictures soon).  Jared caught it on video for us since 4 of the 5 songs she played were duets with me.  As I watched the video when we got home, I realized how much she has improved since she started late last summer.  Learning an instrument is HARD but I know she will be so grateful someday that she learned to play.  She already has a gift of touch - her teacher has commented a few times on how she has the best legato she has seen in a beginner.  Playing duets with her is so fun.

Marley's class hatched chickens and somehow Jake and Marley talked me into bringing two home.  Jake and I went to the store to get supplies for them today and get everything set up.  He is so tender with animals and wanted to climb into he chicken run we got and hang-out.  He has also asked if they can sleep in his bed with him -- ha!

I have felt so nauseous and tired the last few weeks -- what seems like forever.  As I've slowed down and tried to only do the necessities I've been thinking how my life is going to have to slow for a while after baby is born.  As excited as I am, I've been anxious of how I'm going to measure up to adding another to the mix and being a good, patient, loving mom to all of them.  I've been treasuring my mornings alone with Luke knowing that it's usually hardest for the youngest to be boosted out of the baby spot.  I've been trying to not rush bedtime and starting early enough to read scriptures with Marley and read the million books Luke wants me to read while Jared reads with Jake.  I am really looking forward to being out of the morning sickness stage and praying that I am up to the task to be a mother of 4.


  1. I didn't know you were pregnant! Congrats! Good luck!!! And if you find out the secret to
    Being a good mom to 4 while maintaining your sanity, please pass along the wisdom! 😆

  2. Congratulations Heidi! Hope your pregnancy and delivery go well. You are an awesome mom. No worries there.

  3. You will be up to the task for sure (because what choice will you have--ha ha, just kidding). You are such a good mom. I'm glad you are writing all these things down. It's amazing what you forget.


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