Love and War

For all of you that have long drawn-out labors.  I feel for you.  However, quick labors can also be scary especially when your birthing plan involves drugs and you don't have a plan b.

9:36 PM Monday water breaks 
Contractions start immediately and are HARD and close together
10:30 PM Get Marley to friend's house
11:00 PM Get to hospital check in get in room 
12:28 Jake is born

I like to think that I handled Marley's birth pretty well.  My nurses both came to see my afterward so I couldn't have been too annoying :)

This time was an embarrassingly different story.  I hope I never see those nurses again.

First of all I come in to OB Triage sobbing and wearing drenched pants.

I was also a bit vocal.  Ok, I was a screamer to the point I was hoarse after delivery.  No, I did not scream profanities.  I may have said the "s" word under my breath once.  
I do remember yelling,
"Owie, Owie, Owies".  (Maybe I hang-out with a 2 year old too much) 
"I'm NOT handling this!!" (duh).
"Please make it stop"
"I don't want to deliver tonight"

I also remember begging for drugs.  I honestly believe it was my persistence, though, that got me those drugs.

Later I was told that the doctor said that she had never seen such a calm husband in delivery.  Thank goodness I have Jared.

Well, I got my epidural and had to push immediately following.  I could feel NOTHING.  No pressure - nothing.  So, I had no idea where to push.  

This is the result

This was taken going on almost day 4.  It looks considerably better that it did on day 1.  I burst a vessel in my eye.

I saw my reflection in the mirror the following morning and asked what happened.  My eyes were swollen and the lids were blue/purple.  My face, legs, & feet were puffy.  My chest and back were speckled with red dots.  

I looked I like had taken a trip down the birthing canal myself!

Apparently I had pushed a little bit too hard in some of the wrong places and had burst little vessels and capillaries all over my body.  

Giving birth is quite the experience.  I think we're all crazy for going through it more than once.  We must really love these little people to willingly go through almost anything to get them here.

I am in love with my baby Jake.

By the way, I took Jake in to the pediatrician today.  He took one look at me and asked if my eye situation happened during delivery.  When I said, "yes", his reply was "cool".  


  1. Probably one of the most entertaining birthing stories I've read in a long time...not to mock your pain by any mean. :) You're a trooper Heid, that babe was totally worth it!

  2. Holy Crap. I think I would have said more than the "s word"! Nice work! You are a trooper. The crazy thing is you would have done that again and again for him. They are totally worth it.

  3. I love the story. You did great, screaming and all. You (and Jared) survived and you have a beautiful perfect little Jakey cake.

    Keep the pictures coming. It's so fun to see your little sweeties.

  4. Oh my gosh you had me laughing and jealous! Yes I said jealous! I was suppose to have my baby before you and here I am still pregnant 4 days after my due date! And about the "owie, owies" thing...I was screaming that in the triage place when I was about to deliver my 1st! So it must not really have anything to do with having a toddler at home;) I think it really is just "OWIES" in a BIG way=) I can't believe the burst blood vessels! I did that to my eye a couple months ago when I had a horrible cough, but it never crossed my mind that that could happen from delivery! I so glad everything went relatively smoothly! Jake is so handsome and Marley looks so proud! Keep the pics coming!

  5. I laughed when you said it looked like you had gone through the birth canal!!! :) :)
    Your quick labor sounds scary!! I guess my planned c-section with the twins wasn't so bad after all....I ended up with a nasty scar, but there was no stress leading up to it. No water breaking, no contractions, no pain. Also, no "reality" that I had just birthed children. My doc pulled a few babies out from behind a curtain and said they were mine. Giving birth is one wild ride. :)

  6. Don't worry about the screaming...I did too when I had Daniel..I didn't get an epidural 'cause wanted to try natural birth and didn't have a good experience with the epidural when I had Ethan. Anyways, you are awesome. You have a beautiful baby.

  7. I'm SOOOO sorry for your bad labor Hydes!!! i've heard of that happening. At least it was all over soon! I want to know what prfanities you yelled when you saw what all of that pushing did to you!

    Ahhhh.... the things we do for those sweet babies!

  8. HEIDI!!!!!!!! O.k., first of all...I can't believe that I have missed SO MANY posts. The last one I read was when Jake was born. Your posts were coming up on google reader, so I thought that maybe adjusting to two kids, you weren't blogging. So I decided to come to your blog today to tell you that I miss you and I'm thinking about you. Low and behold, I have been missing all your fun posts. I have lots of catch up reading to do. You labor sounds pretty similar to what I experience the second time around. I screamed/yelled SO much. I even begged for drugs but never got them! I can't believe what happened to your poor body. Love and War is a great title! :)
    Love ya!


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