Happy Birthday!

For J's birthday we decided to check out a fun sushi bar in Scottsdale called Stingray...yumm.  You can't go wrong with great sushi.  

Marley helped blow out the birthday candles.  3 candles (times 10) = 30 plus 1 = 31!  I decided that putting all 31 candles on the cake was definitely a fire hazard :)

This cake did turn out dangerously yummy.  I don't bake often, so I'm always nervous that things like this won't turn out.  I used the moist chocolate cake recipe and put a buttery coconut filling (that is used in german chocolate cake) in between the two layers.  Very rich and yummy.

I just love this girl.  We were having fun in front of the camera.  I won't post the other silly-faced pics we took that night.  :)  Marley can be quite the ham!


  1. Your cake was delicious!! I wish I had more right now. I am glad Jared had a fun birthday. It was fun celebrating with you all a day late.


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