BBQ with Great Friends

Bekah and Jaxon. I just love these two.

Bekah and I met totally randomly back in February while at the park. I was with a couple of friends. She was with her sister and we all happened to sit down to eat lunch at the same time. One of the gals I was with knew Bekah from a church. We all started chatting and it came out that Jaxon and Marley were the same age. We discovered we lived just a couple of blocks from each other. Bekah said that she had just moved from Chicago and moved to Phoenix when her husband started surgery residency at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital--the same program Jared was in! How had we not met sooner?! I think we were destined to meet at that park that day!

Bekah and Matt had a BBQ at their house this weekend. They have the perfect party set-up with a pool and all. Thank you so much...we had such a great time!

Jared & I, Maury, and Bekah cooling off in the pool.

Lindsey, Jodi, and Baer. Jodi's husband just started in Jared's program this week.

Playin in the pool. Marley takes some coaxing to get in the pool sometimes. She would rather run along the side and THAT makes me so nervous.

Still sportin' the rash guard.  Honestly, the burns look great & looking better all the time, but I think he's going to wait another year before exposing them to the sun.

Everyone enjoying the pool.


  1. It was so nice to meet you! Thanks for inviting me to the blog:) Hope to see you soon!

  2. I was on Maurys blog and saw a picture of you guys and almost died! So funny that you know eachother. Maury and I go WAY back to the college days. She is fabulous! :)

  3. Looks like your summers are identical to ours here in Vegas: if you're outside, you're in a pool. Otherwise, you melt. Happy birthday to your husband!

  4. Thanks for the invite! I am the only one that doesn't have these cute pics on my blog. :( Still fun to look at them, though. Thanks for sharing. Hope I see you again soon. :)

  5. Mical- that is crazy! :) I looked at Maury's blog, scrolled down her friend list and saw you there. Your name is NOT common. I clicked and it was you...what a small world :)

  6. Pool party! That would be fun. It has been really hot for a june in Utah. So some pool time would be really nice.

  7. What would we do without pools and good friends?!?! Seriously... my summer would drag on and on without the 2 of them.

    I had almost forgotten about the burns... I just thought that Jared was trying to not make all the other guys there jealous by showing off his muscles ;)


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