I love when I have a chance to snap a picture of these cuties before church.  

Luke is a struggle at church lately.  Marley has piano lessons in a Presbyterian church.  During her 45 minute lesson, the boys and I go down to the nursery and play.  Last week Luke quietly played the entire time with puzzles.  I decided to try to bring the 2 that we have to church with us this week.  It worked until he had done them both several times.  I am now on the hunt for toddler puzzles.

 Last weekend I went to Bend, OR with some girlfriends.  We shopped and ate and stayed up way too late. Jared hung out at home with the kids and I'm sure they had the time of their life without me.  Luke cried for "daddy" all day on Monday.

 Jake changes into shorts everyday when he gets home from school.  He often adds other accessories to his outfit as well.

 Marley had a party the other night so Jared and I dropped her off and told the boys we would take them out for ice cream.  They chose McDonalds (of course). Luke was a sticky mess.

 We finally got a bit of snow.  The kids threw on their snow clothes and pulled out their sleds.  Jake was the first out the door.
Marley joined him soon after.

 Luke and I were last but stayed out the longest.  This little guy is full of life.

The snow was gone by the time he woke up from his nap and he kept asking where the "snowman" was.


  1. Hooray for a GNO! It's so fun to see Luke's personality.

  2. Hooray for a GNO! It's so fun to see Luke's personality.


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