Fall Happenings

I've kind of fallen off the blogging band wagon.  I need to do better.  Luke is growing and changing so much.

Luke refers to himself as Luke all the time.  He's the first child that has done that and I think it's really funny.  "Luke's snack."  "Luke's choo-choo."

Luke is pretty self sufficient.  He gets himself snacks and gets into the fridge all the time.  This has good and bad aspects to it. The other day he found his Mickey Mouse lunch box, packed a lunch, and then took it to the table and ate it.  Funny kid.  When Luke does need help he usually first asks me and then immediately turns to Marley.  He calls her Sissy.  Sometimes he calls her mommy sissy, which is fitting.

Luke is obsessed with reading books.  He has his favorites and loves to read as many as we are willing to read to him before naps and bedtime.  Sometimes he insists on taking a book to bed.

 Praying for his hot dogs.

 Music Class

 Lithia Park in Ashland

 Halloween.  A friend of mine taught her 3 year old to say "Happy Halloween" before saying trick or treat.  Luke quickly caught on to this phrase. Even now, 2 months later, he says "Happy Halloween" when he wants a treat.

 Marley's first piano recital.  She played 2 songs, both memorized and did such a great job.  It makes me so happy to see her learning to play the piano.

Obsessed with soccer balls.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you are back. I love hearing all about you and the kids.


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