Summer Happenings

This cutie has started liking to play games with me, which I love.  She also started piano lessons which has been both fun and frustrating for her.  She is so responsible, that sometimes I forget that she's only 7.  Luke often goes to her over me for comfort.  Those 2 have a special relationship.

Jake has been my "Fish Man" this summer.  Back when we lived in Phoenix, we went to Cabellas one day and watched them feed the fish.  A person puts on scuba gear and actually goes down into the tank to feed the fish.  Jake started using Jared & my fins and snorkeling gear this summer and all he can talk about is becoming a fish man.  He even wears my wet suit in the pool sometimes.  He has been begging us to get him a hose and tank so he can be "a real fish man". 

It has been so nice this year to spend more time with Jared.  He is still busy, but so much more manageable than residency.  Plus, he has vacation time and lots of weekends off.  We love having him around.

Loves this sprinkler.  If he isn't playing in this sprinkler, he is pushing his lawn mower around. 

These 2 adore each other.

We had a little visitor that Jared saved to show Jake the next day.

Some friends took us down the road crawdad fishing.  Jake had fun playing with them and was upset when we cooked and ate them.

Family Bike Rides.  I love these.  

I love this little family of mine.


  1. This is so great!! Oregon looks like a dream (especially this time of year when the triple digits are still hanging on in Phoenix!)!! I am so glad that Jared is around more. I think about you a lot when Tim's schedule is especially bad, I don't know how you did it. You are amazing!!


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