Jake is 5

Lately Jake has been asking all sorts of questions like, "Were you happy when you found out I was in your belly?"  and "Did you like to hold me when I was a baby?"

This year included on his birthday wish list were:

A headlamp
An adult hammock
A slinky
A bungy cord
A puppy, a horse, a chicken, a fish, a (insert animal)
A big clock
An alarm clock

A few days ago, he couldn't handle the suspense and began scouring our house for his birthday "prize".  (I recently discovered that hiding things on a low shelf is more effective than a top shelf when it involves Jake.)  When he couldn't find his "prize", he started bargaining with us.  "If you give me my birthday prize, I will give you something from my room." Needless to say, this boy is very excited for his birthday.

Jake loves to be home.  When we are out doing anything from being at some sort of children's fun place to a grocery store, he often asks when we can go home.  He doesn't like large crowds and likes having just a couple of close friends.  Moving to Oregon was hardest on him for those two reasons.  He has finally come around to liking our new home and has made two best friends in Oregon.  He told me just the other day that he had two best friends in Phoenix and now he has two best friends in Klamath Falls.

Jake wants to be just like his dad.  Jared's gadgets often go missing and we can usually find them in Jake's room or pockets.  I am so glad he has such a great dad to try to be like.

Happy Birthday Jakob!  We love you.


  1. We really like him too and are so glad he and Tay are such great friends!!


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