This year an elf came to our house.  He came the week before Christmas.  We think Marley's friend's elf may have mentioned that she wanted an elf at our house.  We named him Marty and he did some silly things.  Before he going back to the North Pole, he left Marley and Jake each a bath robe and Luke some p.j.s.  I think that elf was Marley and Jake's favorite thing about Christmas this year.

 Christmas Eve

 Marley got a vanity and a bike. 

 I think Santa was trying to help me out this year by giving the kids a lot of active toys that could be used indoors.  

 Y Bike from Grandma and Grandpa.

 Indoor trampoline for Jake.  Every gift he opened, no matter how big or small, he would say it was exactly what he wanted.  

 Jake got a bike as well.

 Benny the Bull

We did Christmas in Klamath Falls this year.  It was relaxing to be just us, but we missed having all the family around.  Christmas day we had friends come over for games and dessert.  


  1. Jack loved this post! He said that was the first time he's seen Luke smile for a picture :)


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