Soccer Mom

I made several attempts to entice Marley to play soccer, but she wasn't really interested until one day in the car this conversation happened.

Me:  "Marley, have you decided whether you want to play soccer or not?"
Marley:  "I don't want to."
Me:  "Andi, are you going to play soccer?"
Andi:  "Yes!  It's so fun.  I love soccer."
Me:  "Would you want to play with Andi?"
Marley: "No."
Andi:  "Yeah, I'm usually the only girl on the team with a bunch of boys."
Marley:  "You play with the boys?"
Andi:  "yes"
Marley:  "Mom, will you sign me up to play soccer?!"

That girl is very boy crazy.

It turns out that she was on an all girls team.  Oh well.  She loved soccer.

The Purple Pandas.

 Marley's coach was amazing with the girls and held practice twice a week on top of the once a week game.

Andi and Marley

 Soccer Practice


  1. I'm so glad she played! Even if it was for the boys :). Soccer is such a great game for kids.


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