PISR Graduation

This day has been a long time coming.  

4 years of undergrad, 
4 years of medical school, 
1 year preliminary surgical residency, 
5 years surgical residency = 
14 years of school post high school
not to mention sleepless nights (for him) and lonely nights (for me), missed holidays and birthdays, 80 hour (or more) work weeks, 16 hour shifts back to back, 30 hour shifts and little pay.

Jared's speech was moving. Honestly, from where I was sitting I could see a lot of people and most of them were wiping tears.  

He talked about Dr. Ferrara giving him a chance by letting him in the program when his scores probably weren't high enough for such a competitive field.  He talked about the attendings and other residents.  He talked about his parent's background and how they came from families of migrant workers living in very humble circumstances where finishing the 8th grade was a big deal and how they each got college degrees.  

He talked about how the stress and time commitment of residency affected us as a family and told a story of when Marley drew a picture and told me it was a picture of the hospital "where daddy lives".  He said some really nice things about me which I feel undeserving of.  I really wish I would have recorded it.  Even the next day people were commenting on Jared's speech.  I'm a pretty lucky woman.

The next day was the graduation party.  Tim, Tomi (Jared's oldest sister) and Maile came up to celebrate with us.

 Naomi, Tomi, Jared, Miki

 Naomi, Tomi, Maile, Tim, Jared, Miki, Mom

 Tomi and Naomi

 The chief residents:  Fadi, Shanita (standing in for Joe Uccelli) Jared, Vanessa, Kate

 Traditional toast (Jared had water - haha) Kurt, Fadi, Shenita, Jared, Vanessa, Kate

Oregon, here we come!


  1. Stunning graduation event! It was my pleasure taking a look at these photos. Keep up the good work. Even I am very interested in throwing a surprise graduation bash for my cousin. She is my best friend too so I think it is my responsibility to make her feel special. Would love to book one of her favorite event venues for this bash.


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