A Month of Good-Byes

The good-bye parties have started.  On Saturday we went out to dinner with some good friends.  Last night we had a small good-bye get together with a few of our neighbors on the front lawn.  

Slip-n-slide, water table, food, and grass = a nice Sunday afternoon.  I'm in denial of the farewell part.  I have a hard time saying good-bye to people that are important to me.  

Our neighborhood has been a huge blessing especially when Jared's had long, hard rotations where we hardly see him.  These neighbors gather outside almost daily  in the evening while the kids ride bikes and throw balls. 

 Melissa, Valerie, and Jeremy.

 Next door neighbor, Jessie.  Everyday this school year at 7:20 I'd get this text from Jessie's dad, "Does Marley need a ride today?"  Between Jake and Luke's sleep schedules, most days the answer was "Yes please".  So grateful for great neighbors.  

 Amanda & Lucy

 Katie, Melissa, Valerie, and Neil

 Matt & Colin

 Buddies.  We're going to miss this little guy.

 I'll take these 2 with me. :)


  1. Hi Heidi,

    How are your doing?! I read on your blog that you guys are moving to Oregon. That sounds nice. Congrats on your recent baby! Are you adjusting to 3 kids? We just had our 4th at the end of november and its tilted our boat for sure. We are tired when its bed time :). Your kids are very cute and I'm sure keep you moving too.
    We accepted a job in Cedar. I just emailed your dad to see if they can recommend any neighborhoods or schools.
    Alan and I miss you guys! You are great people and I bet you will make good friends when you move. Stop in when you visit your parents. Take care and hope to see you soon. :)



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