One More Week

I've been terrible about taking pictures lately. I need to start that up again.

Last week, some friends from church threw me a baby shower.  No, I did not take pictures. Yes, this is baby #3 but they didn't care.  They did it anyway.  It was seriously so great to be reminded of all the friends I have that are there to help and support me in the next few crazy weeks after having a baby.   Not to mention, the shower was so fun, the food was yummy, and they succeeded in fully embarrassing me during the shower game.  I should blame Jared a bit for that one.

I had seriously been having anxiety (like not being able to sleep well at night) about how it was all going to work with Jared's work schedule and him being out of town so soon after baby comes. I have no idea how soon I'll feel okay after a c-section. Anyway, it was so fun and just so nice to get together with them.  At the end they all checked in to let me know how they want to help when baby comes.

I came away feeling super grateful for good friends and super relieved that it was finally feeling like the next couple of weeks were going to be manageable.  I'm pretty independent.  I don't like to ask others for help or inconvenience them in any way.   Having a baby is kind of hard on me.  It's hard to not be able to do everything on my own.  It's hard to ask for help.  It's hard to not feel like I can help back for a little bit.  I know, it's something I need to get over.  I know from past experience that trying to do it all just doesn't work.

Last week at my doctor appointment I was measuring small.  I have no idea how that is because I really am large.  However, the good part about measuring small was that they did an ultrasound and I got to see the little guy, jamming his feet under my ribs and moving around.  He even has a head full of hair!

I'm getting excited to meet this little man.

We're still working on finding a name.

I have a giant to-do list for this week.

One week to go!


  1. Your friends love you Heidi, because you are always willing to help, to give, and to share. I hope you will let us give a little back to you and feel NO guilt about it. I could not have had Sam (and stay sane) without a lot of help from you.

    Names, hum...Peter, Adam, Paul, James, Andrew, Matthew, David, Mark, Griffin, George :). Boys names are so hard. Good luck.

  2. One week away!! Good luck Heidi! You are a strong woman. I agree with your friend Robyn, it's your turn to get help ...I still remember you as one of the nicest friends/roommates I had at college I wish I lived close by to help you out too and give back to you! I agree with you though, pregnancy was hard for me too and having a c-section with all three of my kids made it harder especially knowing I needed to ask for help. It sounds like you have a lot of great people to help you, so let them! Sending lots of positive vibes your way! Miss ya!

  3. It's fun to help someone who is always so willing to help others. I am glad they got to show you so much love!


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