First day of Kindergarten

 Marley picked out her own clothes the night before and and carefully laid them all out.  She had me put her hair in curlers and knew exactly how she wanted her hair fixed.

That morning, Jake was trying to figure out what to wear and being more concerned than normal about it.  When he grabbed his backpack, I realized that he thought that today was his first day of school as well.  Poor guy felt like all the attention had been on Marley and he wanted to look good too.

He started the next week.  However, every day he asked if today was the day that he got to stay at school with Marley.  He got even more excited to start school after he picked out some new school shoes.  In fact, I think it's the first time he's every got to go to the store to pick out his own shoes.  He was so excited about it and knew exactly what he wanted.  He has taken the "school shoes" title very seriously and has refused to wear any other shoes to school thus far.

 Inside the classroom.  Waiting to hug Ms. Robin.

 excited to be back

 Jake & I spent a few minutes after dropping her off to feed the bunnies

and to look at the chickens.

I think this day would have been a lot harder on me had it been a new classroom with a new teacher.  It felt so comfortable for all of us to be back to what we know.  I still can't believe my little girl is in kindergarten. They always say that times goes so fast and it really does feel just like yesterday that I was a new mom and my life had changed forever.


  1. I love her Vogue. Such a model. Amaya starts next week. I don't know if I can take it.

    1. Did Amaya do preschool? Marley seriously loves school. I just don't like that she is there ALL day - I miss her.


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