Residency - Year 6

This year residency graduation was a bitter sweet.  For some reason I have absolutley no pictures.  I'm not too sad about that though.  Imagine my baby bump barley squeezing into a dress that I thought would be more than big enough to accomodate me.  The graduates were those that we started with and we still have a year to go.  Sure, it stinks a little, but 1 year goes by fast - especially when you're working all. the. time.

So year 6 has some things to look forward to.  For one, baby boy coming this fall.  I really didn't think I would have another baby in residency after Jake, but I'm optomistic that this time will be different. Jared's schedule appears to be more manageable this year (I say that very cautiously because I've been known to be wrong in that department), Marley & Jake are buddies and at pretty easy ages right now (again hoping to not jinx myself), I'm not living in a semi-finished home (remodeling at 8 months pregnant and of course not finishing before Jake came was not the smartest thing I've ever come up with), Jared is actually taking a vacation week this time around (trying to conserve vacation weeks and not taking one when Jake was born was again not the smartest thing I've ever suggested), and I've learned to be more independent over the years of not having Jared home very often.

Another thing we have to look forward to is the next step.  We're still not sure what that is, whether it's fellowship or job but it's exciting to look forward and plan for the next adventure.  I'm sure it will also be busy and stressful as it gets closer to the time when we have to make some big decisions.  One of the biggest things I look forward to in the next step is having Jared around more often.  Please don't burst my bubble and say that the only difference between surgical resident and surgical attending is the size of your paycheck.  I'm really hoping to find something with more protected time off so that we can have some time together as a family.


  1. With so much happening this next year it will go fast for you. I didn't know you were having a boy, congratulations. I'm glad Jake will have a little buddy to play with some day. I wish Dash did.

  2. I hope so!! Sometimes Jared's long hours make for extra long days for me. ;) Yes, we're excited about having a boy! Marley was pretty sad about it in the beginning but has warmed up to the idea.


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