Lake Powell Part 1

When I hit my teenage years, Lake Powell became my favorite place on earth.

Between my family and my two best friends' families, I spent the majority of each summer there.  Each family did it a little differently. My parents weren't originally "lake people" but when they saw that I wanted to spend all of my time there, they decided to get into it.  My dad bought a ski boat and we started doing excursions.  We started out towing our camping trailer down to Lake Powell and staying at the camp ground there (we had previously been "camping people") but soon they bought into a house boat, "Lotta Fun".

So many good memories on that boat.

This was Jake's first trip to the lake.  Marley hadn't been since she was 1, so this was a new experience for them.  They've already asked to go back several times, so I think it was a success.

This trip, we found an awesome beach to set up the volleyball net.  In the afternoons it got some nice shade.  Jake developed a love for the frisbee and tried to convince everyone to play with him. 


  1. Love Lake Powell! Years ago, I rented one for a weekend with 9 friends (including the Hales). We split the cost between all of us. We had so much fun. And it is so beautiful. I keep thinking I would like to do it again.


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