Lake Powell: Final Post

I could probably dedicate 10 posts to Lake Powell both because I have so many pictures and because I love that place so much.  However, I will condense the last part as much as possible.

Besides playing frisbee, Jake's favorite thing to do this lake trip was ride the wave runner with dad.  My "mama's boy" is now officially a daddy's boy.  If Jared's around I can't help him with anything.  He tells me it's because I'm a girl and he's a boy.  I won't lie, it makes me a little sad.  

 My sister brought along a couple of friends.  Marley thought she was one of the teenagers and hung-out with them the majority of the trip. They were super sweet with her and let her tag along.  They took her on the wave runners and tubed with her.  They even colored princess pictures with her. 

 Hangin' with the big kids.


 Have I mentioned how gorgeous the mornings are at Lake Powell?

 Jared took advantage of the morning water.  I went along for the ride.  That glassy water made me wish a few times that I could not be pregnant for just one day and get out there too.

Marley was pretty fearless on the water.  I pulled her on the tube behind the wave runner a few times as well and she would yell at me the entire time to go faster - even after a bad spill.  


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