Mother's Day

Last year, Jared worked the weekend of Mother's day (including mother's day).  This year he had the weekend off (the first days off he'd had in 4 weeks) so it felt extra special.

Marley especially loves any celebration.  She greeted me first thing in the morning with cards and gifts she'd made.  Jared also gave me a sweet card and gift.

Jared was assigned to speak in church.  His topic was how husbands should treat their wives.  I had nothing to do with helping to choose the topic. :) He knew about his speaking assignment about a week in advance and asked me for input.  I didn't really have any suggestions, but everyday he asked, so I started looking up church talks and emailed him a few.  Saturday he was off work but those days, especially when he hasn't had a day off in a while, tend to be super busy. That day proved to be no different.  By the time that evening rolled around, he still hadn't prepared.  I went to bed and he was up until early into the morning writing his talk (and reading all the talks I had sent him).  He did such a good job - he's just good at that sort of thing.  Hearing his thoughts and words on Sunday made the whole day feel like it was dedicated to me. I know that sounds self-centered, but it was nice.

The Nugents are moving this week, so we did mother's day dinner with them.  We usually do holidays like this with them, sad for me to think that this was our last. We all swam in the pool while Jared grilled and Matt helped prepare food and had a yummy meal.

I don't have any pictures from the day. I guess that's what happens when you're living in the moment.

Here are a few pictures of the cuties that made me a mom.  I love them and sometimes have moments where I can't believe that they're mine.


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