No Excuses

No excuses, I decided, is a good focus/goal for me right now.

Twice a year our church has General Conference where church leaders speak to the church as a whole.  It's broadcast in lots of different languages to all the members in the world.  I love it.  It's incredibly inspiring and always helps me redefine goals for myself.

I usually sit in my living room and watch it online in my p.j.s with a paper and pencil close by.  As I was skimming over the notes I had made a couple of weeks ago,  I decided I need to stop making excuses for myself.  Don't get me wrong, I think it's good and definitely okay to cut ourselves some slack.  We are our own worst critic and we need to not always be so hard on ourselves.  However, I do think we need to be true to the priorities we do have.

There are a few things that our church leaders are constantly encouraging us to do in our families.  1. Have family prayer morning and night.  2.  Read the scriptures as a family.  3.  Have Family Home Evening.

Oh, the excuses I have!! :)  It's not realistic to wake up my 2 year old at 4:30 am to have scripture study so Jared can join us, but I can read scripture stories with them over breakfast without him.  We always pray before bed as a family (often without Jared) but mornings seem to get away from me.  Family Home Evening has been a hard one for me.  It's usually just me and the kids anyway, so what's the difference between "having" FHE and just hanging out together?

Tonight was FHE - (FHE is held on Monday nights and is a time for families to be together.  Often there is a spiritual thought or lesson shared.  Sometimes families play games, work, give service, or anything else they decide to do together.  It's meant to build family relationships.)

Anyway, after dinner I told the kids we were going to have FHE.  We gathered in the living room, had a prayer and sang a song, and then Marley and I read a little story and discussed it as Jake ran around the room playing.


But, the discussion Mar and I had was enlightening and priceless and one I wouldn't have had if we didn't have FHE.  As I was laying next to Marley tonight before saying goodnight to her, I kept thinking how grateful I was that I took the time to do that tonight.  It was the perfect reminder for me as to why I need to the simple things I know I should be doing.


  1. Awesome pictures, awesome goal. Maybe I should join in on that one, but I'm too.....(fill in the blank). Okay really, I should join in because I'm great at excuses.

  2. Great reason to have FHE is a serious discussion with a child. Priceless.
    Our best idea to keep FHE going was to make a chart and put one of the kids in charge of it. Roxanne was in charge of the chart when she was Marley's age and she never let us forget - ever!

  3. You are so beautiful Heidi! Love the pictures. LOVE! What a great goal. We have that goal too. So far so good. And we have been reading the book of mormon stories to our kids; followed by the referenced scriptures in the book of mormon. I love it. And YES, we will absolutely love to see you while you're here in dec. luv ya!!!


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