Labor Day

 Rhett & Kory

It's funny how we all live apart, but most everyone was on a health kick.  Most conversations revolved around healthy eating and exercise.  These 2 especially.  The great thing is that I learned about a couple of things that I'm going to start incorporating into my diet.

 Cynthia and Mom.  

Awwww...I love my family.  The trip was short and sweet and so. much. fun.

We ate yummy food
Played darts
Played games (one of my favorite things to do with my family).
 This trip we played dippity dippity dip in the dark with glow sticks (don't ask) & Argue.
Talked and laughed until way too late every night.

 Tanner & Dad.



  1. Great pictures Heidi. Want to give me a lesson? The one of Brock and Jake is my favorite (well, maybe the last one of Jake). Looks like you have an awesome family. What games do you guys play?


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