We started the day at a story time in a greenhouse.  

We ended the day making s'mores with some friends we have made up here, the Mccorisons.

They live on an awesome property near a creek and lush mountains.  It is breathtaking up there.

Marley has been making camp fires ever since.  She gathers sticks and piles them together and pretends that it's her fire. :)  This girls was meant to live some place like this.  

There were, however, some meltdowns when I asked her to wear pants and boots to come here.  She "hates pants" and only likes "pretty shoes".   

She's 4.  

Why is she so obsessed with what she wears?  Needless to say, Jared and I had a talk and have decided to implement a few things that will hopefully tame her obsession a little bit. :)


  1. You said it yourself, she was meant to live in a place like this. People that are true Alaskans don't let the elements affect their comfort.


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