We had to take a quick trip to Utah after school got out.  It feels like it's been a long time.  My mom (the saint) flew out to drive back with me --  Not fun with 2 small kids.  We bribed them with candy for the last leg and made it without going too crazy. 

It's constant excitement at my parent's house.

 Chasing each other.  It could have been either really good or really bad between these two.  Luckily it was the former.  Makes me sad we can't see Jax more often.

Brock has been the head of the entertainment committee.  He has seriously kept everyone entertained.  The nephews and Marley are lucky to have such fun uncles and aunt.

 water balloons

 Jake and Tara bonding.

Tara drives a jeep.  Jake loves her jeep.  He asks to ride in it every time we go outside.

Funny story:  We went to lunch with some friends today.  Marley asked Tara if she had brown skin.  Tara said that she did.  Marley then said, "You and my dad both have brown skin but white skin is more beautiful."  WHAT?! 


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