Last Day of School and Water Day

 Marley's last day of school was a water day.  Cool slides, right? 

 Standing in line behind her teacher, Ms. Robin, to get a shaved ice.

 Lunch on the play set.

 Best Friends.  Both are head strong so I'm not sure how it works, but they've been attached at the hip since the first day of school.  Recently I learned that they aren't allowed to sit together during class.  They chat and argue too much. :)

 Good-bye Ms. Robin.  See you next year!

When I told Marley that today was her last day and that we weren't coming back for a really long time, she said, "NO MOM!  I really like school!"  I'm so glad.  

I had so much anxiety sending my little 3 year old into the arms of someone I did not know with other kids that I did not know.  I am so grateful for amazing teachers, especially Ms. Robin.  I cannot say enough good about her and how she handles her classes and teaches her students.  Preschool has been such a good experience for us.


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