Happy Mother's Day

 I need to learn the art of self portraits.  I can't seem to get the lighting and focus down.  But, I really wanted a picture of me with my precious kiddos on Mother's Day and these are the best I could get.

Lucky me.

Sunday morning Jared left me a card from him and one from Marley on the table before he left for work. Marley found it first thing and brought it in for me to open.  It totally made my day.

She also brought a few things home from school:

 The recipes inside the cookbook were by the kids.  Marley gave the recipe for pancakes.

"You just put the white stuff and put it in a pan.  The pancakes cook and then when it burns you turn it the other way."


  1. I love the cookbook idea. Really cute. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. These pictures are great! I can offer one suggestion for you for your pictures :) You do a great job. I Love the one up top. One thing you could do to improve it is to keep the blue cast a little more true to color. It's your white balance - see if your camera has an option for switching the white balance. It looks like you were in natural light (probably some sun) - and you had the setting on something like incandescent light. That's what made it take on the blue tone. I hope that helps. Your family is beautiful!

  3. That's great. Thanks Shannon!


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