Little Buddies

Riding home from school in the car:

Me:  "When we get home, you are going to have a short nap."
Marley:  "AHHH.  I don't want to!"
Marley:  (whispering in the back seat to Jake) "Jake, do you want to have a nap?"
Marley:  "Jake and I both don't want to take naps!"

Riding to school

Marley:  "Mom, Jake likes me best"
Me:  Quickly glance back and see Jake & Marley holding hands

Arriving at School

Me:  "Marley, you can either go in to school by yourself or we can all go in and let Jake see the rabbits.
Marley:  "I will take Jake in to see the rabbits without you."
Me:  "No, I need to go with Jake so I can bring him back to the car."
Marley:  "Ok, I will take Jake in myself and then bring him back to you in the car."

(By the way, this didn't happen.  We all ended up going in to see the rabbits.)


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