I have been getting a lot of these faces lately from Marley.  She doesn't like to give me a normal smile for the camera.

She is my spunky girl.  During the morning, while Marley is at school, Jake and I clean together and hang-out - it's actually usually quite calming.  Then Marley comes home.  She is the life of the party - loud, fast, laughing and crying and being dramatic all in the same sentence.  I love that girl.  I just wish I had her energy. :)

Jake, my mama's boy, started to favor Jared a little more this week after spending time with him on his week off.  I'm glad.  I want that little guy to be as close to his daddy as he is to me.  He is such a great snuggler and has the most tender little heart.  This is his happy, but trying not to smile face. :)

We have decided that we love stay-cations, especially since we live in a big city and there is plenty to do.  We did a bit of yard work, took naps when the kids napped, and spent some quality time with each other and the kiddos.  We went to a spring training game and only lasted about 4 innings, but it was still fun. We went to breakfast one morning, went on a couple of dates, grilled out most evenings, and watched a few movies.  It was a good week.


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