I love you.

Jake doesn't talk.

I believe it's more so because he doesn't have to rather than he doesn't know how. For example, it is much easier for me to feed him (because he doesn't like getting his hands dirty) and exhale loudly when he's ready for another bite rather than to ask for more.  He seriously does that.  My son pants like a dog.  He also uses his index finger a lot.

Tonight I was composing an email.  Jared and Marley had run an errand.  Jake comes over to me, pats my leg and says, "mommy".   I look over at him as he says, "I yove you" and then smiles.

What a sweetheart.


  1. So many reasons to keep the little stinker around.

  2. Talk about melt your heart. Cutie pie.


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