Happy 2nd Birthday Jake

Jake is my calm boy.  

He loves to snuggle and give loves and be held. 

He also loves to climb and jump off everything.  

He adores his sister and wants to draw and read and do anything she is doing.  They like to be mischievous together and giggle when they get in trouble.  

When Marley goes to time-out, Jake goes and sits with her until her time is up even if she's in there for being unkind to him.  

He's obsessed with the vacuum and lawn mower.  He actually asks me to mow the lawn everyday and throws tantrums when I refuse.

I can't imagine life with out my little Jakers.

 Licking the beaters.

 He got a basketball set and cars from Grandma & Grandpa.

 Jake LOVES chocolate cake.

Marley and I woke Jake up that morning singing, "Happy Birthday". Then, Marley grabbed his presents, jumped in his crib and helped him open them.  She was so funny...inviting everyone to his birthday party (we didn't have one this year for him).  She thought he needed to have lots of friends over to help celebrate. 

I don't think kids really get the whole birthday concept until at least age 3.  I knew he would have just as much fun with us and his cake and gifts as he would with a crazy house full of toddlers. :)


  1. Happy birthday to Jake! I will always remember his birthday, because, in five weeks Londyn came to our family. I remember thinking about you and him, and wondering if you were getting sleep, or if he was a good baby, and wondering if you were in so much awe with having a boy like I was having a girl. Hope you guys had a fun day. Hey is one handsome guy!

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jakers! Crazy that TWO years have flown right by. What a cute little man.

  3. Happy Birthday Jake!
    That lawn mower issue will probably serve you well in years to come.

  4. Happy Birthday Jake! WE love you so very much!

  5. Happy Birthday to Jake. I cannot wait to meet him and for him to meet Dash.

  6. He's two already! That's so crazy. He's freaking adorable. I love your kids. The end. Miss you guys!

  7. I can't believe he is already two!! Such a cutie pie.

  8. I love that chocolate face--cute cute! We need to get Leah and Jake together. :)


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