Marley loves the hospital.  To her, the hospital is where she can get chocolate milk, ice cream, and fries or whatever other unhealthy food she can see.   It's also where she can see her daddy, who she adores.  She asks to go there constantly.  Jared will often bring her home the chocolate milk that she loves.  Many times, she puts in her orders the night before for the chocolate milk that she likes.  Sometimes she remembers to order one for Jake as well so that he doesn't drink hers.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I went to pick Marley up from school.  She came out of the gate and excitedly opens up her backpack to show me the small bag of baby carrots that she had saved me from her lunch.  (I really like baby carrots) She told me that I could share them with daddy.  A few days later she brought me a ketchup packet.  Yesterday when she brought me another bag of carrots.  I had to laugh.  I am pretty sure she got the idea from when her daddy brings her home treats.

But, I am glad that she is already becoming a thoughtful and sweet little girl.  She's our sweetheart.


  1. You are one lucky mom. I don't think my kids have ever given me a ketchup pack.
    She is a sweet little girl.

  2. Your kids are so big and beautiful! I can't get over them. Great pictures too, Heidi.


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