Mom was in Town

These pictures are totally out of order, but I don't feel like tweaking them.  

My mom purchased a plane ticket like last Fall to come visit.  I think I had started crying to her on the phone one day about how I don't see them enough.  ha ha.  Sometimes I'm pretty emotional and dramatic especially when I feel lonely.  So, she purchased a plane ticket.  Anyway, for one reason or another she couldn't come until February.  We were so excited.  I didn't tell Marley.  We went to the airport to pick her up and Marley thought we were going to Hawaii (that's the last time she was on an airplane).  When she saw my mom she was ecstatic.  She LOVES my mom.  In fact, the day that my mom left, Marley packed up her little princess suitcase with all of her clothes and shoes and put it by the door and said she was ready to go to grandma's house. 

Children's Museum is the only place where we took pictures of her entire trip and it was with a phone.  Darn.
That place is really fun.  Jake is fearless on the climber.  I have a bigger shot of it later on.  It really is massive and scary.  Marley is still a bit intimidated by it.

Jared even came with us.  Earlier that day he had a softball game.  We all went and watched him get his booty kicked, ate lunch at the ballpark, and then headed to the Children's Museum.

I love that boy and girl.  Grandma took us shopping and Marley got the sunglasses case that she is acting very excited about.  It didn't leave her side for about a week and is still very important to her.  We were very spoiled by grandma.  My dad told me that next time I need to control her :)

 Out of order picture.  Marley decided she needed to upgrade to a bigger bike so she could go faster.  She was SO excited when Jared put the training wheels on this bike.

 Jake was sick for a few days last week and it was exhausting for both of us.

Other things we did in the couple of days my mom was in town include:

  • Walking.  My mom and I love to do this together.  She has a walking partner back in Utah, but I have yet to find a consistent one here.  It's so fun to have someone to chat with on a nice long walk.
  • Body Worlds.  We did a little night out without the kids to this.  It was so cool.  I highly recommend it.  If you go, invite Jared.  It will give you a huge appreciation for surgeons and what they can do.  We spent about 3 hours there.
  • Scottsdale Fashion Square
  • Sprinkles cupcakes (YUM!)
  • America's Taco Shop 


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