A Little Tour

There have been a few of you asking for more pics of my house.  Honestly, I feel like there are SO many things I would still love to do but just don't have the $.  But, I thought it would be fun to do a little tour edition.  I'm always changing little things and it will be good to have pics of how my house is now anyway.  Besides, if you are wanting to change something or want to improve something in your house I feel the best thing to start with is a picture.  Take a step back and photograph the room from several angels. It's amazing what you can see in a photograph that you don't really notice otherwise.

Here it is, a tour of my bedroom.

Doesn't seem like much.  The things that we did change when we moved in made a big difference.  The closet doors were mirror sliding doors.  It would have been difficult to access this small of a closet with them.  We also added the casing, paint, and light fixture, and electrical (it was a low-voltage system before).  I would show you my closet organizer but it's kind of a mess in there. :)

View to our tiny bathroom.  The laundry basket is currently sitting on a chair that needs to be fixed. :)

 Marley and Jake love that picture of Jared & I that was taken on our honeymoon.  If it's not out, they find it and put on the night stand.

 Coming out of our room into the little hallway.  When I came home after they had painted my walls this color I hated it.  It has since grown on me.  I like that it is such a warm color and can really go with almost any color palette.

 Entering the living room from my room. This was obviously not a staged photo.  Yes, I have 2 pianos.  Yes, I use both of them.  If I ever get a chair or two to put where the electric piano is, I may move that piano to the entry way.  I don't see that happening, so it feels like a good spot for now.

Across the living room.  I would love to put a cute little bench under that window, put a cute, bright lamp on the side table where a wedding picture sits, get new windows and paint the interior side of the front door.  Just to name a few. :)  I am ok with how it is right now though.

Up next, Jake Marley's bedrooms.


  1. Thank you. I still want to see it with my own eyes someday. I was right, it all looks put together. We have those awful sliding mirror doors and I hate them. Every room is big enough to have doors that swing open like yours, I just don't know if it is worth the money for us to switch them all out. I too want chairs to sit under my front windows...and my back window.... and upstairs. I don't have enough money for what I want.


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