Lickin' the Bowl

My kids love when I bake. :)  I did a jewelry party the other day and made some treats for it.  I had a really bad showing at the party.  It was the first one I had ever done and thought it would be fun.  I cleaned the house, made treats, bought food, set-up a chairs.  3 people came.  15 RSVP'd.  40 were invited. :)  Oh well.


  1. OH, it sounds like my parties. I always get terrible showings. At least you got to enjoy a clean house though right???

  2. Yes. :) It wasn't that big of deal other than I planned on 15 with food & seating. I just think if you take the time to RSVP you should go :)

  3. Cooper loves it when I bake for the same reason. Wish I could've been at the party.

  4. Wish I lived close to come to one of your parties!

    And I agree... RSVP just doesn't mean much anymore it seems. Especially Mormons - I swear, we're the WORST at the whole RSVP concept!


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