Top 10 Favs

1.  Nightly games.  Imagine If & Argue were the games of choice this year.

Rhett and Tara debating between liquid and bar soap.  "Bar soap reaches those hard to reach places & can be used to scrub.  It's also self cleaning." (Rhett)  --- uh kinda gross!

"Imagine if Jared went to Jared..." (Brock)

2.  Dance Party.  Our 'new to us' sound system was tested out with Tara & Brock's music.  ha.  We like to feel our music, not just hear it.  (sorry neighbors)

3.  Temple lights.

4.  Yogurtology.  One of their seasonal flavors is gingerbread crumbs....yummmy.

5.  Watching funny youtube videos.

6.  Walk down Central

7.  Tara can't visit Phoenix without hitting up Scottsdale Fashion Square ;)

8.  Darts

9.  Lounging by the pool.

10.  Decorating the house for Christmas.  Thank you mom & dad for the tree and decorations ;)

PLEEASSEE come back soon.  I already miss you.


  1. We miss you Toooo. We had a wonderful time! love you all.


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