Normally Jake is sleeping at home when I pick Marley up from school.  I pick up a couple of others girls and my car only accommodates 2 car seats and a booster.  Today was a break from routine and when I put Jake down for a late nap, Marley and I ran outside.  She loves to be in front of the camera lately :)

Showing me her owie.

Love this one.

pretending to be mad


  1. She is so photogenic. Have you heard anything on the modeling contest?

  2. Okay, I give, who stays at home with Jake when you're picking up Marley? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the booger pic. My kids always have those too.

  3. Suzanne,
    No, I haven't heard. :) I really is a long shot. Voting continues through November 14. December 6-20 is when the 20 finalists are announced.


    Oh, I have a babysitter (a girl that is home schooled) come sit here for an hour while I do pick ups. It is so convenient.

  4. okay... you totally need to put the babysitter part in the blog post. I was just thinking... I didn't think Arizona was THAT safe! ;) What a great idea!! And Marley girl is SOOO cute!!


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