The Last of Hawaii

My brother, Chad, and his family.

Jared and Jake hanging out with Rhett

Dad taking Tanner to BYU-H

I think this is the only pic we have of mom from the trip.  That's messed up...she needs to get into more pictures in the future.

Posing on the beach

Jake love to be touching his mommy at all times.

I love that boy.  Doesn't he look so cute with spiked hair? :)

Playing with grandpa.  She came home telling me that grandpa calls her "Marley-pop". :)  She loves her grandparents.

Not sure how he feels about posing in a pic with daddy.

Snacking on the chair.  Beth quickly became his favorite cuz she always had yummy snacks for him.  He even gave her a kiss when we parted ways the last day.

My sister, Tara.  Isn't she gorgeous?  I am totally jealous of her hair.


Her sand baby.

She loved the beach.  Loved. It. 


Telling me how to burry her in the sand.

Not always a happy camper.

Uncle Brock. 

Swimming with Uncle Brock.

"You are NOT my mommy!"

Loves his daddy too


  1. Can I have your thighs, please? How can I look that good? You are gorgeous and so is your beautiful family, all of them.

  2. Al, I'm blushing. You are nice.


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