The Ko Olina Resort

The beach that you can see is where we spent a lot of time.  It was one of 3 lagoons surrounding the resort.  Marley loved playing in the waves and sand.  It was also conveniently close to the resort.  She wasn't a fan of sand in her swim suit and we usually did a couple of runs back to the room to change and shower during the day.

The fam in front of the hotel

The sports pool / beach pool.  You can see the volleyball net and basketball hoop peaking in the back of the picture.  We actually spent a fair amount of time in this pool.

Another shot of the beach pool.  Jake wasn't totally convinced he liked to play in the sand or water.  He preferred climbing on the chairs.


  1. Where do you get your swimsuits, Heidi, that black and white one looks really cute.


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