One of my favorite, most relaxing times of day is feeding Jake just before putting him down for a nap. He snuggles up to me and then puts his hand on my face. I haven't figured out why he does that, but it's pretty cute. He as become extremely active lately. He prefers to be on the ground exploring than in my arms. I can't believe that infant stage of immobility has already passed.

Marley is pretty much in an anti-napping and anti-sleeping stage. She does, however, have a night-time routine that I miss if for some reason she is put to sleep while I'm gone. After tucking her in with her favorite blanket (an infant waffly blanket) and whatever stuffed animal or baby she is crushing on at the moment (lately it's been a mini stuffed dog), I turn on a fan for some background noise and turn on some primary music. Before leaving the room, I tell her "I love you" and "Sleep Good". She always replies "I yuv you, I yuv you" "Sleep good, sleep good". She then wants me to say it again. She then often repeats it at the top of her lungs as I'm closing the door..."I YUV U, I YUV U!!"

The mini-me in her is kicking in. Yesterday while in the car, Jakes sneezed. "Jake, cover your mouth!" Jake sneezes again. "Jake, sweetie, cover your mouth. That's messy." It's not uncommon for her to refer to Jared as babe or honey. She calls me sweetie, honey-mom, and sweetie-pie.


  1. And I think it's those moments you will forever remember and want back when you're empty-nesting it... not the ones where you had to skip out on cooking class.

    Explain to me this... why I got tears in my eyes when my daughter told me I had an "eye booger" in my eye? How do kids have that effect over you?! It's amazing!

  2. I love the these moments. In my world I write them down so I won't forget. Because I've forgotten so much already about when Ella was this size. Keep documenting, and sharing I love the sharing.


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