Miss Confident

I don't know where she got it, but I hope she doesn't lose it. Today she made friends with some girls that were about 6 or 7. She was the leader. Don't ask me how a 2 year old leads the party for 6 year olds but whatever. It cracked me up.

No, these pic have nothing to do with the blog posting. I just thought they were cute.

Naptime is a treat. (say that sentence with heavy sarcasm). Yesterday she climbed to the top of her closet to retrieve a bottle of sunscreen. She applied thick, white, sunscreen over her entire body and face and left a nice puddle on the carpet as well.

No-nap Marley is not an option. I need my break. She needs her break. Jared is never home - when he does waltz in the door in the middle of the night he is at the computer and on the phone. Being on-call for 9 days straight is torture. :) Thus, this "single mom" needs a break :) I try telling her this but it's not getting through.

Jake just loves me and it is so cute. He giggles smiles and coos at me all day long.


  1. I feel your naptime pain. Isabel doesn't fight naptimes (fortunately) but if I let her sleep longer than 45 minutes, bedtime suffers. If I skip it, well, that's just not an option. So instead we endure 45 min. nap + 45 min. of me trying to wake her up and get her happy. Not enough of a break if you ask me! But if I just give her "quiet time," she'll sleep the entire time and screw up bedtime again. Sorry, point is...naptime is tricky and good luck with that! :)

  2. When you find out how to get sunscreen out of the carpet let me know. Lexi did the same thing in my closet and the living room. There still seem to be spots there. Arrrgg. One day we're really going to miss all of the littles around. We really are.;)

  3. I feel your pain. I was just talking to last year's chief of surgery's wife. She said that sometimes she got so angry at him for being a single mom that when he got home she would just cry.... same thing just happened to me two weeks ago. I just bawled at Shad because I was so angry I didn't have any help.

    I wish we lived closer, we could swap kids for the afternoon. And they'd get along famously, Marley and Amaya could boss each other around the whole day and Jake and Dash would just smile and coo at the tender.

  4. thank goodness for little boys, that's for sure! Keep that girl locked up in her room so you can have your break! And don't worry a bit about it. Just make sure there's nothing 'harmful' in her room!!

  5. Did you take pictures of the poo poo party? I sure hope so. ;)

  6. Tyson stopped taking naps at age one! ONE!!!! Instead of driving myself off a cliff we started calling it "rest time", he would watch a movie on the couch or in my bed while I laid next to him ASLEEP. Ahh, slice of heaven and everyone wins. Jake is adorable. I love it when boys are lovey. CJ is a total mamas boy too.

  7. Heidi,
    I just read your post about Milwaukee and the branch. I cried through the entire thing. It made me so homesick....is that possible? Thanks for posting those pictures and memories. Love em

  8. Seriously Heidi, where are the poop pictures. You're not busy or anything.;)

  9. First, your baby is adorable.

    Second, Ethan did the same thing but with Desitin. It's still all over the closet floor.


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