Goodbye #6, Goodbye Chocolate

Remember when I said in these 6 wks I had 5 infections?  My 7th week brought my 6th infection. It's now gone. I'm feeling better.  Goodbye #6.  Please don't come #7.

No dairy, but chocolate?  I suspected a sensitivity to this as well. After all, milk chocolate has milk :)  

This weekend was Jared's bday and father's day all in one.  And he had it off!!!  woo-hoo.  I don't know who was more spoiled.  I made this 4 tiered chocolate cake with coconut filling between each layer and chocolate frosting on top and sides. The cake was moist the coconut was yummm.  I had 2 pieces.  Jake cried and hurt all night.  So so sorry Jakey!!  This diet he has me on is killer.  If you see me toting around my granola bars and baby carrots, it's NOT because I'm good like that.   I sure hope he grows out of it soon.

I don't have any pics from this weekend...darn!  But, to my husband I want to say that you are an amazing husband and father and work so hard for us.  We are so lucky to have you.  I love you.


  1. Bummer, girl! I know how much you need your sweets. ;) What a cute boy little Jake is! I'm sorry that you've had a rough road since his birth. Hope everything passes soon. Funny, I had a dream that we were down at Powell and you were trying to get me to waterski preggers--haha. It was quite the sight. Ohhh, I would love to be waterskiing at Powell (not preggers, of course!). Someday I'll get to show my Johnny that beautiful lake. :)

  2. Happy Father's Day to Jared. He is a great guy but also behind a great guy is a great gal. Sorry to hear about the roughness. I hope it's a short stint. Keep enjoying that cute Jake!

  3. I can't eat chocolate when I am nursing either. All of my kids have had issues with it. It totally stinks but is definitely not worth being up with a baby with a tummy ache!

  4. I feel for you! Dallin had all sort of problems and I was basically put on a bread and water diet to try to help him eventually I wasn't allowed to nurse him anymore and he had to be put on a special formula.
    It was a bitter sweet moment. I cried knowing that I wouldn't be able to nurse my little baby anymore. At the same time it felt pretty liberating to be able to eat food again! :-]
    Hang in there!

  5. I had to give up chocolate for a little while with Cooper, but I couldn't make is past a week or two. Luckily, Cooper kind of grew out of it around the same time I finally gave in to my cravings.


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