I know I have not done a Hawaii post yet, but I wanted to write these down before I forget.  2 is such a fun age. 

(While staying with grandma while we were in Hawaii.)

My mom took Marley in to take a bath after one of my siblings had been in there.  They had thrown their towel on the floor after their shower.  When my mom & Marley walked in, this was the conversation.

Marley: "Messy Grandmo.  No bath. Too messy."
My mom: "It's not messy" (picking up the towel)
Marley:"no bath.  messy!"

My mom seriously got cleaning agents out and scrubbed the tub in front of Marley so that she would bathe.  :)

Yesterday I sat down to feed (nurse) Jake.  Marley sits next to me and while pulling up her shirt, says, "I feed Jake mommy".  

Jared sprained his ankle in Hawaii.  After work a couple of days ago, he sat down and took off his ankle brace.  He put his foot up on a stool and then Marley came over.

Marley:  "Dad, what happened?"  (in a higher than usual, concerned voice)
Jared:    "Daddy hurt his foot"
Marley:  "Ok?"
Jared:    "I'm ok"
Marley:   "It's ok Dad"  

She then leaned over and kissed his foot.


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