No dairy?  

This is KILLING me.  I was craving, like craving going crazy craving ice cream.  I went on the hunt for soy ice cream, that my sis-in-law convinced me was really yummy.  blah!  yuck.  Seriously?  That is NO substitute.  I'm pretty sure that Jake has some sort of milk sensitivity and in order to prevent the all night crying that he's done a couple of times, I am avoiding it. Most of it isn't a big deal.  

Milk - who cares.  

Cheese - yuck.  

Yogurt - I can handle going without.  

Ice cream - ice cream deserves it's own food group in my book.  

I love the stuff.  I eat it every night.  Ok, really probably 5 times a week.  It is just so yumm.  Last night was one of those nights that I NEEDED ice cream.  I was trying to talk myself into some other sort of treat.  Mmmm cookies, they would taste so good... with ice cream.  Dang it.  They wouldn't taste that good without it.  Brownies.  Yummy eaten warm with ice cream on top.  Dang it.  Doesn't even sound good without ice cream.  Oreos - oreo shakes are delish!  

So Jared's birthday is coming up and I seriously don't think I can watch others eat cake and ICE CREAM and just sit by and happily eat my cake.  I am seriously considering just eating my fill and then pumping out the contaminated milk and tossing it.  

I didn't realize I was so obsessed.  This is quite the problem in my life right now.


  1. It definitely isn't the same but sorbet could be a substitute. I feel your pain, I had to lay off the dairy until Ethan was a little older. Good Luck!

  2. My baby was really fussy too so I called the doctor to see if I should start with taking out the dairy and she said the poop would be abnormal (call your ped. if you need more clarification as I can't remember exactly what it would look like)--but don't delete without making sure that's what it is first!!! then you can eat and enjoy!! good luck. mine is still a bit fussy and not sleeping well during the day . . . some days are just really long!

  3. Ha! So, I was addicted...let me say that again ADDICTED to Sonic's Oreo Blast! I don't even want to put it in writing that I got to the point where I ate one every day. My all time low was when I NEEDED two in one day. I have passed on my love of icecream to Valerie. She loves the stuff. WHat can I say? She has great taste! I feel for you Heidi!


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