Swimming & Visitors

It's now 86 degrees in our pool!  Jared claims that "it's like bath water".  I wouldn't go that far :)

Marley & Jared have established a little day ritual.  Jared gets home from work and Marley races to put on her swim suit.

They both jump in the pool.

Marley counts to 3 as Jared does tricks off the diving board.

My brother and sis-in-law came for a visit this past weekend.  Beth will be too close to her due date to come for Jake's blessing, so I so glad they were able to make the trip early. :)  They helped Marley expend some of her energy which was SO NICE! ;)  


  1. I bet you loved having them visit! I want to see you doing tricks off the diving board!

  2. Niiiice. Is that your own pool or neighborhood pool? Pools in Arizona are like air. It's a must.

  3. It is our own pool. It was Jared's only requirement in a house and the pool was the nicest thing about this house :) funny huh.


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