Things that go together:

Heidi & Jared -- ha ha that was really cheesy!

Chocolate & Peanut Butter - I seriously have an addiction.  I am currently dumping semi-sweet chocolate chips into my family-size jar of crunchy peanut butter and eating them out with a fork.  It can't be a spoon because you can't have too much peanut butter.  The fork allows for the perfect amount.  The other day someone gave me dark chocolate dove treasures and those were even better.  I have to make goals to not do this.  It is very addicting to me.

Phoenix & Sunshine - I love that about where I live!!  It's rainy today, but the sun is still shining.

Today I needed to pick-up just a few groceries and decided to try out our local Fresh & Easy store.  Never been there but I get coupons and mailers for them all the time.  Plus I needed milk which was only $1.57/gal. and they had boneless NY steaks for $3.99/lb.  Ribeyes are better in my opinion, but who can beat $3.99/lb?  

Anyway, I really liked the store.  But, when I got to the check-out line there were no cashiers.  Every line is self check-out.  I really do not like self check-out.  I already have my hands full when I'm shopping.  There is one guy running up and down bagging everyone's groceries.  He bags mine and then I go to pay.  I had just gotten in the mail 3 coupons, so I scan my first coupon and put it in the little slot for coupons.  I quickly scan the bottom of my other coupons to see if I am supposed to only use 1 or if it's ok to use more than 1.  I've been on this coupon kick lately and am used to using lots of coupons and getting things for free or almost free.  It's kind of fun.  Anyway, I think "Well, if I can't use more than 1 then the machine won't let me scan it."  I scan my next coupon and the attendant comes running over and tells me that I'm only supposed to use 1 coupon and grabs the coupons from me.  He tells me that there's nothing to do now that I've already scanned them.  I'm like, "ok".  I take the 1 coupon back and he says "You already scanned this one you have to put it in the coupon slot."  I tell him "Oh, I already put that one in the slot this other is the one that I just scanned and this one hasn't been used."  This is the clincher...he then gives me this look that I think I remember getting when I was in middle school like, let's be honest now - tell the truth.  

Seriously!?  Why would I lie about a $2 coupon??  But, I didn't give it to him.  Not that I cared so much about that dinky coupon, but because I was being honest and I wasn't going to let him bully me into confessing to "stealing coupons"!!  

I seriously felt so stupid.  I have my 'regular' grocery store that I go to at least 1x a week.  Everyone from the stockers to the cashiers to the baggers know me and Marley.  Last week we were waiting at the deli counter.  We had to wait longer than usual and Marley was not being patient.  She usually is.  The 2 ladies behind the counter start slicing off pieces of turkey, ham, and cheese to give her to keep her content and commented how she is usually so patient.  I finish my shopping and am greeted by everyone.  They all either talk to Marley, ask how my pregnancy is going, or ask if they can get anything for me.  Plus, Marley never leaves the store without a balloon.  If that don't have any blown up, they go to the back and make one special for her because they know she looks forward to them.  

Maybe I have a boring life because I'm blogging about grocery stores!! :)  Seriously though, let's just give each other the benefit of the doubt and give pregnant moms with toddlers a break!!


  1. That's funny, in an annoying sort of way. I'm also pretty picky about stores. There are so many to choose from that if I find one little thing that I don't like, if they are out of green onions, or don't have a bagger, or don't have a car styled shopping cart (Kaiya LOVES these!) or whatever little reason, I don't go back. And once you find a good one, why mess with it!

    Oh, and have you tried peanut butter M&Ms? I used to be addicted to them in college ... yummy!

  2. You don't mess with a prego lady! If theres a fight we would win, hands down!

    Thanks for the vote!

  3. I know just how you feel about grocery stores.. I love Albertson's. They all know me by name and always ask questions about the family ect..I find even when I find better deals at other stores.I perfer Albertsons.

  4. Wow I wish we had a store like that here. I always get dirty looks and snorts if I bring my kids grocery shopping with me. I still do of course.

  5. I was sold on the Fresh and Easy store (they do have a good selection)until I realized it was forced self-check. I don't mind self-check registers if I have a couple items, but when the cart is full, it is awkward and something always goes wrong. And I don't even have kids with me anymore. It would be a definite no if I had kids.
    Oh, and I love the sunshine too. But hasn't the rain been a nice break? I loved it.

  6. That's what blogs are for, for us to write what our lives are like. And I personally like to hear how your life is going these days.

  7. I usually like self check out, but I hate going to the grocery store in general! Here is Utah, you cannot get good produce right now, so I feel like I am grocery shopping in vain!

  8. Seriously? Like who's going to lose their integrity to save 2 bucks? Funny.

  9. I love your "thoughts" and glad you didn't let him bully you! Nice to go to a store that everyone knows you. I've swapped recipes with my cashiers before! Funny Mommy Stuff!!

  10. I need to know what your regular grocery store is!


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