According to Marley

Marley has her own set of definitions for words.    

Here is an example:

Boots:  Closed-toed shoes.  Usually her tennis shoes.  I guess that's what happens when you're an Arizona girl!

Shoes:  This one has a couple of meanings.  

1.  Her p.j.s that have the feet.  She LOVES them.  Seriously, every night after her bath she says "Shoes?!"  If they are clean and she gets to wear them she giggles excitedly and then checks herself out in the mirror once they are on.  

2.  Any shoes that aren't closed-toe :)


  1. What is it with kids and shoes? Trevin loves shoes too. He has a pair of hand-me-down snow boots that he must wear at all times! With the red hair and the boots he reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite. Marley and Trevin sound so much a like. It must be in the genes!

  2. I don't blame Marley for liking shoes. I LOVE them to. Sometimes I would rather get shoes than a new outfit. You should see my closet, Derek has one row for his shoes, and I have three.

  3. Very cute. Jamis did that with all kinds of words. Right now I'm remembering that he used to call the cold chills "the beebs". I guess he would more make up his own words with real meanings. Funny kids. I swear I don't know what I will do with myself when I don't have a toddler to hang out with. ;(

  4. Smart little girl! It's funny to see her little views on life. I can't believe she's already TWO-- that went fast.

    By the way, how's the pregnancy going? Still feeling good?


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