Blueberries = Danger

These look harmless right?!

Everyone who has kids probably has a story where their kid stuck an M&M, raisin, nerd, marshmellow, rock, bug, nut, etc up their nose.  Actually, I didn't have one of those stories until today.

Marley loves raisins, craisins, and dried blueberries.  After she ate lunch I stuck a handful of dried blueberries on her tray to keep her busy while I cleaned up the rest of the kitchen.  Next thing I know she is saying "nose, nose".

Me:  "Yep, that's your nose."
Marley:  "Nose" (in a stressed tone)

I look at her sticking her finger up her nose (not an uncommon thing for her to do lately) as her eyes are starting to water.  

I look up her nose and clear up there at the very back I see a small little dried blueberry.  Only then do I realize that the pure size of those things make them dangerous.  Too late.

I panicked and immediately picked up the phone to call Jared knowing full well that he wouldn't be able to do anything.  But, it was so far up there that I couldn't reach it was tweezers or anything else I had and I needed someone who could think clearly to tell me what to do.

Just then Marley sneezed and it pushed the blueberry down far enough for me to grab it.  Thank goodness.

Marley's dried blueberry eating is now to be under strict supervision!!!


  1. I remember when Brock put a blue bead up his nose so far that I had to take him in to Dr.Ghaffari to get it out. scared me to death!!
    I am sure glad Marley sneezed and it came down!!

  2. SUCH a great story! SO glad her body knew what to do to get it out!


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